Ancestors  of

Pierre Garcelon from Guernsey

  With the Garcelons of Chaussenac and the Garcelons of « Tarrieu » in Ally

Translated by Judith Gaillac

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This presentation of the descendancy of the Reverend Pierre Garcelon is based on documents by  :
Carolyn Halstead (AH 124), Constance Hanscom 212p. 60Mo. (FE 124) and Juleen Reed (AV 124).

"Garcelon in Spain",  "Copper potmakers from Auvergne" and  "Life and Work of the Garcelons"  >
These three original pages have not changed  since 2007.

Simplified presentation:

1 – Michel Garcelon,
a notary royal in the late 1500s early 1600s
He is married to Jeanne Vayret de Brageac.  We have neither the date nor the place of their marriage.
12 April 1610, in a marriage contract on parchment at Cheyssiol in the parish of Chaussenac ; Michel Garcelon is said  "notary" (ad-12) and its signature appears. (ad-11)
6 June 1618, after noon in the town of Aurillac Michel Garcelon notary royal residing in Chaussenac appears before the court  (Delalo n° 564 to 567)
1 November 1626 before noon in the house of Michel Garcelon notary royal at Chaussenac (Delalo n°568 to 570)

2 - Jean Garcelon, son of Michel Garcelon also notary at Chaussenac, the last Garcelon to be a notary.
Michel, Jean, Antoine and Louis, sons of Jean, become merchant potmakers in Alicante.
The trade is perhaps more profitable than the profession of notary, they are in partnership with their cousin Pierre Garcelon, son of François Garcelon (see the declaration of 13 April 1693).

3-François Garcelon,
son of Michel Garcelon and spouse of Marie Serre residing  at Tarrieu in Ally, Cantal, 

4- Pierre Garcelon,
of « Tarrieu » in Ally, son of François Garcelon and Marie Serre
                                    Married to Marie Vayret on 4 September 1685 at Brageac, Cantal, France
5-Pierre Garcelon, a priest from Ally, abjures the catholic religion and becomes a protestant minister in Guernsey
                                    Married to Jeanne BEDAT in June 1734 in Guernsey.
6-James Garcelon, married to Delivrance ANIS on 29 February 1760 at Gloucester MA, USA

At present, there is no link between the Garcelons of Pouget in Ally, coppersmiths in Calamocha in Aragon and the Garcelons of Chaussenac, merchant potmakers in Alicante.
All these migrants from Ally and Chaussenac must have known and kept company with each other, their villages are very close, the family alliances are very intimately interlinked, and, even if their destinations were different, showing solidarity was in their mutual interest, the experience of some being necessary for the others, they had to know the well tried and tested routes.
There is no-one suitable among the Garcelons of St Bonnet de Salers.

Let’s go back to our merchant potmakers in Alicante:

It is here that we can measure the importance of the research done and discoveries made by Emilio Benedicto Gimeno for Calamocha. We know of no similar study for the migrations to Alicante!

We do not know when their migration to Spain began or whether Alicante was their first destination.
In the table hereunder, we have pieced together our party of merchant potmakers in Alicante.
There is a possible doubt regarding Pierre Boudet, merchant potmaker, because of the lack of records for him.

NamePlace of originemarried to died at
Pierre Boudet?Antoinette Garcelonafter February 1684
Jean Garcelon Ostenac in Chaussenacnot found Alicante before oct.1685
Antoine Garcelon Ostenac in Chaussenacson of Jeanno trace
Antoine GarcelonOstenac in ChaussenacJeanne Diernat Alicante in 1689
Louis Garcelon  Ostenac in ChaussenacHélis ChadeffauChaussenac in 1683
Pierre Garcelon Tarrieu in AllyMarie VayretChaussenac in 1728
Géraud Pomeyrol   Ostenac in Chaussenac?
Antoine Cousques Cas in St Santin Cantalès

Jean CousquesMonédières à St Santin C.

Pierre DabernatOstenac in Chaussenac

Jean Garcelon, the notary, has another son Michel who does not appear in any record.
But he is alive in 1667 since he is named in his father’s will.

The Garcelon brothers, Jean, Antoine and Louis, must have begun their migration before they married.
Their sister Antoinette marries in 1664, Louis in 1678 and Antoine in 1684, Jeanne, the youngest, in 1682.
Jean dies in Alicante with one child, brought back to France by Pierre Garcelon, but we have not found this Jean’s wife.
It should be noted that young children (aged about 10) sometimes travelled with their fathers.

The possible routes  towards Alicante and Calamocha (in french)

The parish registers of Chaussenac begin in November 1674 and those of Ally in 1653.

24 August 1664, marriage contract of Pierre Boudet and Antoinette Garcelon in which he is referred to as a merchant potmaker trading in Spain.  Thus we have a first date of marriage.
Antoinette’s four brothers seem to be absent on that day, are they already in Alicante in Spain ?
Pierre Boudet’s place of death has not been found and the same unknown applies to a possible will.
It was usual for merchant coppersmiths, even in Spain, to make a will there.

23 February 1667, Jean Garcelon, notary, mentions his four sons: Jean, Antoine, Louis and Michel, in his will as for his daughters, Antoinette is referred to as the elder and Jeanne as the younger.

18 July 1678, marriage of Louis Garcelon and Hélis Chadeffau
Possible period working in Alicante, very probably with his partners.

29 September 1681, Louis Garcelon buys some land from Antoine Lescure.
That is how the migrants invested the profits they made in Spain.

3 November 1682,
Louis Garcelon, merchant about to leave for Spain, makes a will and gives a proxy.
His absence will be short, as he dies the following year.

Concerning the length of the journeys: we have an example with the inventory after death in Tortosa, Spain
on 20 August 1712 and the receipt at the notary Delalo’s in Pleaux on 1 October 1712, six weeks later.

2 October 1683,
death of Louis Garcelon at Ostenac.
8 February 1684, marriage of Antoine Garcelon to Jeanne Diernat accompanied by Pierre Boudet, her brother-in-law
4 September 1685, marriage of Pierre Garcelon to Marie Vayret at Brageac
24 October 1685, Antoine Garcelon gives his proxy to his wife Jeanne Diernat before leaving for Spain
24 October 1685, agreement between Antoine Garcelon and Hélis Chedeffau mentioning his companions
Period working in Alicante, very probably with his partners.
27 November 1688, Jeanne Diernat rents out a house in Chaussenac to Jacques Dubreuil, the Chaussenac parish priest, and thus we can situate a Garcelon house in Chaussenac. (in french)

23 February 1689,
Antoine Garcelon’s will is drawn up by Bertrand Campes, notary royal in Alicante
See receipt dated 7 December 1709

Pierre Garcelon and Marie Vayret have their first son in 1686, Antoinette alias the “Bastard” has been born before him, other children will be born in 1690, 91, 92, 94, 95, 96, 98, 1702, 1703 which does not leave very much time for journeys to Spain.  It looks as if the adventure finishes abruptly, there are no more documents reporting any activity whatsoever of our merchant potmakers in Alicante

13 April 1693, declaration by Pierre Garcelon, the last document to confirm the adventure of the Garcelons merchant potmakers in Alicante.
12 June 1709, Pierre Garcelon sets up a clerical bond in favour of his son Pierre ensuring he will have an income for life to practise his profession as a priest subject to his renouncing all inheritance.
Pierre, having become a priest, practised in the parish of Ally, in February 1716 Pierre is the godfather of his cousin’s daughter
After that, we lose trace of him.

Explanation of the word « Garrige »
In records, Pierre Vayret, squire of La Jarrige living in Brageac is said to be residing at “Pradel” and very often signs : « La Jarrige »
which may explain why he is known by the name of « La Jarrige » which will stick with his daughter after her marriage to Pierre Garcelon.
The following record bears this out :
28 January 1657 at Brageac baptism of Pierre Monfort, the godfather is Pierre Vayret, squire of Garrige
(see the record)

7 January 1718, Antoinette Garcelon, Pierre the priest’s aunt, widow of Antoine Belladen, makes her will, she makes provisions in favour of her brother Pierre’s children with the exception of Pierre, her nephew, but, as a result of the clerical bond granted to him by his father , he has renounced all inheritance from his family.
Even Antoinette alias “the Bastard” is a beneficiary.
But at no time does she allude to Pierre the priest !

So we do not know when or why Pierre left 

Constance Hanscom, one of his descendants, asked us if the education he had received could have had an influence on his choice.
It is very difficult to form an opinion.
Was he influenced by the ideas his merchant potmaker uncles may have brought with them? 
Or by other migrants?  The latter were sometimes suspected of protestant sympathies.
What had happened with his sister Antoinette alias « the Bastard », a name which stayed with her all her life?
Could the behaviour of the clergy to which he belonged be the cause?

Many questions, but the enigma remains complete.

28 january 1721, we find  Pierre in London - England  

Thus, by his decision, Pierre, son of Pierre Garcelon and Marie Vayret de la Jarrige, has ensured the continuity of the name Garcelon passed down from Michel Garcelon the notary of Chaussenac.

It is up to you, the American Garcelons, to write the rest of the story !